I have a neo freerunner from open moko, purchased through truebox.co.uk.

This my place for notes that may or may not be up to scratch for the open moko wiki, and may be general or may be specific to me.

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The stylus that comes with the phone is very cool. I had no idea before I got it that it is a stylus/pen/led-light/laser-pointer.

Notes on getting started

A note in the box links to getting started, which I went through and is a good start, but wasn't without complications.
The factory supplied software was quite out of date. Step one is to upgrade. (Though this relies on other steps).
My sim had a pin lock on it, and out of the box the phone didn't prompt for the pin, there was no error but it never got past "registering..." at the top of the screen. After an upgrade and a reboot it then did, but after a bit of fiddling and another reboot it didn't ask any more. No idea why. I gave up and disabled the pin (with my old phone).

The phone ships with a fairly limited set of apps. I've added a couple of notes to the available packages page to help people who follow me.

I run ubuntu, and (presumably due to network manager) adding the post-up to usb0 didn't work for me. So to ease the hassle and save my memory I created a quick Phone Connection shell script.

To get dns working over usb I simply installed dnsmasq (didn't even have to configure it, it just worked!

sudo apt-get install dnsmasq

I followed the instructions for connecting to wifi, and regretted it. Mofi works nicely at work, but .my draytek seems to be misbehaving at home.

There is no root password set by default, and the phone/user runs entirely as root as far as I can see so far. This seems a little insecure to me, but I'm sure there are good reasons. However connecting to the work wireless it was a while before it dawned on my that anyone in the office could ssh on to the phone as root with no password. Run passwd to set a password:

It's well worth enabling the custom today interface, which also sets up application categories. Indispensible after installing the games pack!

I also set the timezone as the call history and today clock were out due to BST.


The phone came with an operating system (version) called 2007.2, I have no re-flashed it to 2008.8 which was released on 8th aug 2008. This basically puts the phone back to a new clean install, so a lot of this page is now not applied to my phone.

Time for a new page: My neo freerunner running 0m2008.8.

Current issues for me

Sometimes the usb networking seems to fail for me.
PING phone ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From box1.local ( icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable
looking at ifconfig on the phone shows no ip address on eth0.
Looks like it's trying to use mofi to configure my wireless that's causing it.

  • sometimes the multitap keyboard will start typing in '{' instead of '0' which is odd, and I can't get rid of it short of a reboot.
    i've installed the matchbox keyboard and applet. but really I want to be able to use both as the multitap is better for thumb entry
  • sometimes the screen saver won't load, leaving "untitled" in the bar at the top of the screen
  • playing back mp3/ogg runs for about 5 seconds before jittering then dying
  • callers are complaining they can hear themselves issue #1267
    looks like speakerphone (bottom left speaker) is always on, and this is next to the mic.
  • calls seem to be quite laggy, called land line and talked to self (embarrassing)
  • phone occasionally seems to hang for a moment as if something's hogging the cpu. ssh shell stops responding for approx 10 secs. don't know why yet
  • sometimes when the phone is idle with the screen locked, the phone will click as if a button has been pressed and light up. happens about every 5 mins. not sure what is doing it, and doesn't seem to happen after a fresh boot up.
  • doesn't appear to be an email app available yet. though i gather from irc there is one available for the 2008.8 release
    "Aug 06 01:11:49 <stevenSn> tim_abell: ASU has qtmail"

Looking at the todo list, I can see my fate before me...
But even with all it's bleeding edge roughness I think it's great. What more could a geek desire than root shell over ssh to your phone?!

Solved issues

  • supplied memory card isn't mounted by default (doesn't show in output from 'mount' command).
    dmesg output includes message "can't find valid FAT partition on mmcblk0" so maybe the card isn't formatted.
    this seemed to sort itself out after a few updates from the daily build feed (bleeding edge)

mofi seems to be hanging when connecting to my draytek, even with encryption off. pushing the power button (but not holding) kills it for you.
perhaps i'll try lint-wifi instead. looks like mofi doesn't ask the user to enter the password again if they get it wrong (yes, I did get it wrong). the output of dmesg has some clues, showing connection failure with an error code:
using mofi to connect also seems to kill the usb networking which is a bit annoying.
also worth having a look at the files mofi creates
cat /home/root/.mofi.config
cat /home/root/.mofi_wpa_supplicant.conf
I've cloned the lint-wifi svn to git on github. http://github.com/timabell/lint-wifi

More info on lint-wifi

I didn't need to recompile etc, I used the console WPA configuration method in the end and it worked. Something I did notice is it looked like my ssid might have had a unicode character on the end of it. I've been having problems with the draytek 2900VG web interface as its javascript is broken under firefox 3.

Both lint-wifi and mofi seem to hang rather a lot.

My customisations

ifconfig is a pain to type in multitap so I ran
alias ifc="ifconfig"
Though this doesn't persist (will look at adding to equivalent to .bashrc later). Could also create scripts with names but seems messy.


Backup the home folder (all your files personal files in theory).
From the desktop pc run:
ssh root@phone 'tar -cpz /home/root' > root-home-`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`.tar.gz
Where phone is the ipaddress of your phone. I added an entry to /etc/hosts so the above works for me. I also added the desktop key to /home/root.ssh/authorized_keys on the phone as per the instructions.

backing up the root filesystem:
# http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/A_Filesystem%27s_Guide
ssh root@phone 'EXCLUDES=`mktemp -p /tmp` &&
echo "proc/*
home/*" > $EXCLUDES &&
tar -cpz -X $EXCLUDES / && rm $EXCLUDES' > root-`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`.tar.gz


Unlike on Ubuntu, it seems that either the current folder or /home/root (not sure which) are included in the path, as I could run a script I created without the leading ./

When the phone goes on standby it drops the usb connection, you have to re-run the desktop pc's usb network config script to continue your ssh session to the phone. I try to remember to disable power saving when usb. Perhaps this could be made automatic?...

On the laptop running ubuntu 8.04 and the network-manager applet, plugging the phone in makes the laptop think it has LAN connection, so it doesn't connect the wireless. Clicking the applet and selecting the wireless network reconnects to the network.